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On Rembrandt Tour Amsterdam
Welcome to the Rembrandt Tour Amsterdam. Here you can find our: tours, information and routes about Rembrandt. The greatest painter the Republic has ever known..

Rembrandt’s connection to the city of Amsterdam is very strong and his legacy still lives on, even four centuries after his death.

His life is just as fascinating as his work and we will take you to different locations around the city that have a connection to his work.
Rembrandt Tour Amsterdam provides 4 types of tours all through the city of Amsterdam. This includes 2 walking tours, a bike tour and a museum tour.

All these tours include stories about the famous artist Rembrandt. He was the richest painter in the Republic and led a very wild life, yet he managed to pass away penniless and buried in an anonymous grave.

The Rembrandt tours will teach you a lot about Rembrandt and give away all his secrets. We are proud of our extensive knowledge of Rembrandt and the city of Amsterdam.

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    Rembrandt Tour Amsterdam, gives daily free tours in Amsterdam, Nieuwmarkt at 1 pm.

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