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Rembrandt free walking tour

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Rembrandt free walking tour

This is the original Rembrandt free walking tour, it passes several locations in Rembrandt’s old neighborhood that were of importance to him. These are the places his friends and enemies resided.

Rembrandt is the most famous Dutchman. His creations still keep amazing people all over the world. This tour will explain why his legacy keeps fascinating people even today in an entertaining way.

Rembrandt’s personality and his work will be discussed. Our tour guides have extensive knowledge about Rembrandt and can always answer your questions.

But not even Rembrandt is perfect, he sure had his flaws and certainly a very interesting dark side. Find out by joining our FREE tour.

The tour starts here at 1 pm everyday!


You can book your free walking tour below. The tour will take around 90 minutes or 1,5 hours and is every day. We will visit many different locations Rembrandt has a connection with.

Book your free walking tour, here


We will go back in time and relive the golden age while following the great painter in his old neighborhood. Every street in his neighborhood was relevant to him and we will pass by many of those locations.