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Geertje Dircx archives

The wedding announcement of Geertje Dircx (12 November 1634)


Abraham Claesz jongesel van Hoorn woonende op het Oostende van de Haven
Geertje Dircx jongedochter van Edam hier woonende in het Moerijaanshooft op de Oude Noort.
[i.m.] Attestatie by my gepasseert om in Swaegh te trouwen den 26en November 1634


Abraham Claesz, bachelor from Hoorn residing at the east end of the harbor,
Geertje Dircx, maiden from Edam, residing here at the Moerijaenshooft on Oude Noort.
In the margin: Approval is given by me (the clergyman) to marry in Swaegh on 26 November 1634.


Strauss & Van der Meulen 1979, pp. 112-113, RD 1634/8: ‘Geertje Dircx was born in Edam c. 1610/15¬†She is the same person Houbraken (1718) refers tot as the young peasant woman from Raarep or Ransdorp in Waterlant as having been married to Rembrandt. In Hoorn, she served as a waitress in the inn “Het Mooriaens hooft” where she met the ship bugler Abraham the son of Claes Outgers from Leeuwarden.
The bugler died shortly thereaftere, whereupon Geertje held a positions as housekeeper at the home of Pieter Lambertsz. Beets, al wealthy lumber merchant in Edam, and the father of many children. Subsequently, she was employed by her brother Pieter, a carpenter in the service of the United East Indian Company, who resided in Ransdorp or Raarep.’

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Geertje’s parents, Dirk Petersz van Edam and Jenneke Jandr van Cadijck announced their marriage in Edam 21 February 1559. The ceremony took place on March 7 and was concluded by Ds. Lieven Jansz. de Raed.

The wedding of Geertje Dircx (26 November 1634)


Den 26e November [1634]:
Abraem Claesz van Hoorn
Geertgen Dircx jongdr van Edam


26 November [1634]:
Abraem Claesz from Hoorn
[married to] Geertgen Dircx, a young maiden, from Edam

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